MildredI recently finished a book titled The Hand-Me-Down Family by Winnie Griggs. I love mail-order bride stories, and with the Beauty and the Beast theme, the kids, the hero and heroine's growth toward resolving some long-standing struggles in their lives, and their developing love for each other, this bookCAN
 makes for a great read. Today, I'm privileged to interview the author, Winnie Griggs.  

Can you tell us, Winnie, how did you get into writing? 

I’ve dabbled with writing ever since I was an adolescent.  It wasn’t until my kids were all in school and I got my first home computer though that I got the bug to try to write a full length novel, just to see if I could do it.  Once I’d accomplished that, I was hooked!


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I have a friend whose husband is deployed in Afghanistan. I've been searching for the perfect gift to let her know not only how much I appreciate her husband's service to our country, but also to recognize her faithful service, too. With Faith Deployed, I've found it the perfect gift.

Jocelyn Green and her army of been-there, walked-a-mile-in-your-shoes writers, have packed a lot into this little book. Each two-page devotional is a morsel of food for thought and spiritual nourishment. Not being a military wife myself, I was surprised at how the book affected me. In it I found a new depth of appreciation for what these women go through as each daily anecdote ties directly to the day-in and day-out lives of these unsung heroes. In many ways, they are no different than we are as they have fears, hopes, and dreams. They long to honor God with their lives, but are also seeking to balance that with a love for their military husbands and the country they serve together.

Each devotional includes a Scripture, a 2-page anecdote, a few questions to ponder, and a prayer related to the topic.

Through this book, I know my friend will be ministered to in a way I'm not able. In fact, so many of the books I looked at offered nice stories and gave great advice, but Faith Deployed goes deeper. It connects biblical principles to the real needs these keepers of home front share.

I know my friend will find in the pages of this book, a new set of friends, and a closer walk with the One True Friend who never leaves nor forsakes. What more could I want for my friend?




Kern_web shot Jan writing to you from the warm, sunny foothills of the Sierras, hoping to offer some words of encouragement for your writing and marketing journey.

What did you think when you read the title? Do the words ‘rest’ and ‘productivity’ really work together for the writer and marketer? I have been determined to find out.

Recently, during a sermon, I found myself continuing an ongoing conversation with God. Life felt hectic. I was weary.

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Hello from CAN Secretary Jeanette Hanscome. Like most CAN members, my writing life is often complicated by . . . well . . . life. As I write, edit, and teach I am also dealing with some stuff that will eventually provide riveting material for a novel or devotional book but for now is just plain discouraging and frustrating. As if the circumstance wasn’t upsetting enough on its own, I’ve also had to accept that I can’t do anything now but pray. I’ve argued, debated, and spoken the truth in love only to discover that my gift for words will not change things.

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