Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Susie Larson here…

I doubt very many of you will be visiting this blog in light of the holiday but it’s my day to post and I hope to encourage whoever stops by!

I’m scheduled to post on the fourth Thursday of every month. I apologize for being AWOL last month. Between my travels and my work load, I just couldn’t get it done. So sorry.

Today I want to explore the idea of expectations. By definition, expectation is a belief that someone will or should achieve something.

We’ve all felt the pain of disappointment when someone has failed to meet our expectations. Some of our assumptions were legitimate, others, misplaced. Even so, human as we are, we are going to disappoint one another.

What does this have to do with speaking?

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Aloha from Karen
    It's hard to think that the Christmas season is here. I just celebrated meeting my husband 38     DSC_5017_3
    years ago and it's hard to think how fast the time has gone by. Our oldest son

    leaves for Iraq in less than two months. His wife and two little ones will  move in 

    with us while he is deployed so life will change!

    As treasurer of CAN I've enjoyed getting to know many authors in this network.
    We try to help promote one anothers books. That's part of being in the body of
    Christ-to offer encouragement and support. Whether you are an aspiring writer or
    well-published the Christmas season is a wonderful opportunity to share Christ
    through books. I want to share a few ideas about helping one another.


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Kern_web shot Jan here, hoping to offer a few encouraging thoughts and ideas to help you as writers thrive through the approaching holidays.

The past five or more years, I’ve headed into the Christmas season with either book deadlines or December speaking engagements (or both). I loved the work and ministry involved, but it made an already busy season extra busy. In some ways, I approached it by doing what I could to survive and get through to other side. I want to do it differently from now on.

How about you? There’s the usual excitement and activity of the season, the family events and traditions that you love to participate in. Add in writing, speaking, and marketing deadlines and goals. What can you do to keep moving forward with energy and enjoyment of all that this season holds? To do more than survive, but to actually thrive?

Five ideas . . .

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Happy Tuesday from CAN Secretary Jeanette Hanscome.

Do you ever catch yourself wishing that God would give you a little break from all the excitement? I’m not talking new contracts, speaking engagements, and writer’s conferences. I mean the “Is this my life or a made-for-T.V. movie” kind of excitement. You know—the events that you eventually use in books and speaking topics.

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Kern_web shot Jan here, writing to you today about writing craft, with a focus on keeping the fun in writing.

Recently I had a conversation with writer, Nancy Sanders, who encourages those she mentors to take time each week to set aside deadlines and write whatever they feel like. I see merit in that. Oftentimes we do enjoy what we are currently writing for publication, but it might do our writing some good if we took regular time to write something just because we want to.

This post is dedicated to writing for the fun of it.

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