As I get to know other CAN writers one thing stands out and that is integrity.

That’s something all writers should aspire to have. Each writer is committed to do

his or her best, share information on promotion with others, and meet deadlines.

I want to chat about how integrity helps a writer.

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BioPicBlues Jan here. I’m enjoying a quiet day of reflection and challenge, especially around the idea of Lent.

Lent is not a tradition that I grew up with, but I’ve enjoyed watching and hearing how individuals and various faith communities observe it. I like its call to be intentional about letting go of earthly distractions and drawing closer to God—particularly in relationship to preparing our hearts for taking in the passion of Christ, his suffering and resurrection, and what that means to each of us personally as his children in living this life in him.

So I’ve felt stirred to consider ways to incorporate the parts I understand into living out my worship of God—though I admit I tend to approach it somewhat nontraditionally.

In that nontraditional vein, let’s bring the observation of Lent a bit closer to home as authors looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). How might the ideas around Lent present a worthy challenge for us as a writers and speakers?

Consider . . .

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Hello, from Jeanette, CAN’s faithful secretary! This week I am scrambling with last minute preparation for two writers’ conference workshops that I am teaching over the weekend. Teaching at the Castro Valley Christian Writer’s Seminar has become a highlight of my year. In addition to teaching, I critique, and have many opportunities to encourage and guide new writers. Fifteen years ago I attended my first writers’ conference with a pretty even mix of excitement and terror. Now I’m one of those standing beyond the podium (actually, at this conference we get a music stand) teaching hopeful newbie’s how to format manuscripts correctly, write so readers will listen, and communicate with editors. What a fun yet humbling place to be.

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BioPicBlues Hello! Jan here hoping to generate some freshness into not only our nonfiction writing, but also our speaking.

Today is the Friday before Valentine’s Day. My childhood memories create a picture of schoolchildren across the country stuffing decorated boxes with sentiments and enjoying cupcakes with red sprinkles and candy hearts.

What does that have to do with writing and speaking?

Starting places for infusing very needed freshness into what we do . . .

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