Deadly_exposure_cover_(2)T.V. news Reporter, Dani Richards moves to Lincoln, Nebraska
to care for her Aunt Jayne who has Alzheimer's.

Taking her aunt to see Cats, Dani prays she won't see Caleb Jamison, the man
who stole her sixteen-year-old heart. Not only does she see him, she has to work
with him when she discovers a dead body at the theater. Caleb is on the police
force and is assigned to keep Dani safe, but can he protect her heart from him?

Deadly Exposure is a page turner. It was a delight to read a suspense novel that
doesn't go into grisly details. Yet Putman gives us enough to thrill and scare
us into saying "don't go in there!"

Aloha from Karen Whiting, CAN Treasurer


Last week I was on faculty at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference and felt the excitement of aspiring and experienced writers as they had good meetings with editors. It reminded me of all I’ve gained from attending conferences and so many reasons why writers should go and I want to chat about that today.


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Sundin #D70 ©2008 Linda Johnson Photography web (2) CAN Becky Harling Greetings from Sarah Sundin from Oregon, where I’m visiting family. Today I have the privilege of interviewing Becky Harling, the author of Rewriting Your Emotional Script and a speaker with a dynamic ministry of hope and healing.

Becky, how did you get into writing?

I felt for many years that God was calling me to be a writer, but didn’t know how to get started. God brought Linda Dillow into my life as a mentor and she connected me with Navpress. Navpress actually called me and invited me to send them a proposal. They turned down the first three proposals I sent in but told me to come back because they liked the way I wrote. They felt I wasn’t clear on my message yet. Turns out, they were right! I finally learned through a whole lot of tears how to write authentically from my brokenness.

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Greetings, Dear Friends!

Susie Larson here…

I have some fun news to share with you. For the past two and a half years I’ve worked as an on-call radio host for a live talk show. In June we launched my new radio show, Live the Promise with Susie Larson. The program airs every Saturday morning from noon to 1:00 CST (you can also listen online).

Last week my guest was Chrissy Toledo (daughter of author and Pastor Jim Cymbala – Brooklyn Tabernacle and Carol Cymbala, director of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir). She shared about her prodigal journey away from God’s heart, and how she found her way home again. This was a powerful show! 

If you need a spiritual boost, check out the podcast from that show.

And, I am REALLY excited about this week’s show! Listen in as my guest is syndicated radio host and author Jim Burns. We’ll discuss his great book, “Closer: Devotions to Draw Couples Together.” We had an excellent interview and Jim offered lots of great wisdom for couples. Listen in on KTIS AM 900, or listen online at:

Now on to my topic…



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