Sherry Kyle Sherry Kyle here, writing from my laptop in California. 

“So, what are you working on now?” a friend asked me the other day. 

“I’m tweaking something I wrote awhile ago,” I said, trying to sound more positive than I felt. During the past couple of weeks I had attempted to breath new life into an old manuscript. 

“Cool. What’s it about?” she asked. 

I wondered how much to say. Why was I so uncertain? Maybe it was the fact that this manuscript had yet to find a publishing home. 

Do you ever feel like you’re writing on faith alone?

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Aloha from Karen Whiting, CAN treasurerKarenBookSigning

Yesterday I received news that a promised contract arrived and news that another proposal had been rejected. In reality, the current contract is all I can handle well so that’s okay with me. But there’s a story behind the responses and reasons why the contracted book received a comment from the editor, “This is the best book proposal I’ve seen this year.”

As a member of CAN I’m often hearing news of acceptances and rejections friends receive. That’s normal in this industry. The acceptances increase as authors gain experience and learn to market better and write better.

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Headshot-Small Hey all,

Greetings from Cat and Kregel Publications! When I came to work this morning, I was planning on writing this post about a completely different topic. But when I sat down at my desk, I did what every marketing manager does when she first arrives in the office—I opened my email. In hindsight, that probably wasn’t the best thing to do because I spent the next hour answering queries from ad reps, questions from coworkers, and quandaries from authors. One email in particular took me by surprise.

Written by a first-time author, the email was only a few sentences in length. Short. To the point. I like that. She was asking for advice on how to get her book into the hands of people who could help promote it. Influencers, I thought. Impressive. Since we only just finalized the title of her book and haven’t even finished designing a cover, I was impressed that the author was already thinking about a post-release promotion. It was the last sentence, however, that really caught my attention:

“Would you be willing to give me your thoughts on my list of endorfluencers.”

Her what now?

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Amazon Author Central
Once your book is listed on, you can set up and Amazon Author Central page, which is a page Amazon customers can click on to learn more about you and your books. Author Central pages will be linked to all your product pages on

First, go to this link and log in to An information page will come up. At the bottom is the option to “Join Now.” Click on that. Accept their terms and agreements, then follow the steps to set up your page. You’ll have to select your books from the list. You can also add your author picture, a bio, a link to your blog, more pictures, a video or book trailer, and participate in discussions that readers start.

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Gail Gaymer Martin

Good morning from Gail Gaymer Martin at

When creating story, the author should remember that each genre has its own set of patterns or “rules.” By rules, I mean reader expectations and qualities editors look for in your manuscript.

These patterns or rules do not exclude creativity. If that were so, authors would lose their spirit. Within the expected genre patterns, authors have great leeway to create unique stories. So let's take a look at the various patterns for romance, mystery and suspense, and speculative fiction such as: fantasy, paranomral and adventure,

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