Ava Pennington

Author, Ava Pennington

Hi, all – Ava Pennington here, with a note about shaking things up.
The publishing industry is moving faster than Doc Brown’s DeLorean, but not always in a good way. Stagnant sales, corporate restructurings, e-publishing, people reading less…the news can be discouraging. So what’s an author to do? One thing we should not do is approach our writing careers with an “I’ve always done it this way” attitude.

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Sherry Kyle here, sending you greetings from Central California.  Sherry Kyle

As writers we can become discouraged. Day after day we sit alone by our computers attempting to fill the screen with meaningful words. We receive many rejections before the acceptance call finally arrives. And often times we wonder if our writing is good enough.

What can we do during the discouraging times?

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Karen1210 Aloha from CAN Treasurer Karen Whiting

With one week before my book deadline I’m working on endings-the indexes, appendixes, and final review. But it’s also time to look at beginnings. From the time I thought of the idea for the book I also thought of the marketing and the audiences.

As I hand in the book it’s the end of the writing and the real beginning of promoting the book. The book, co-authored with CAN member Jocelyn Green, is Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front of American Wars.


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Gail Gaymer Martin


Hi from novelist Gail Gaymer Martin at www.gailmartin.com

When I have a friend who writes a good article, I ask permission to share it on my Writing Fiction Right blog at www.writingright-martin.blogspot.com. But I don't like to keep great advice away from those who do not subscribe to my blog so this article is meant for all of you.

 Many of you are considering or seeking agents, and Jim Watson's article is excellent to help you make wise decisions. Jim comes from Christian publishing experience, but these tips are good for secular work as well. Each of the questions he proposes will safeguard you in making a wise decision about obtaining an agent. So take a look at my friend, Jim Watkin's, excellent advice on seeking an agent.

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