Spencer.2013Greetings from Colorado this colorful season. Davalynn Spencer here to introduce David E. Fessenden, author, editor, and teacher.

Welcome, David. Tell us how you got into writing?

I have always loved words and been good at expressing myself in written form. So when I prayed about what major to pursue in college, I sensed God saying, “How about a writer?” and so I studied journalism.

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Ava Pennington Daily Reflections

Every name God calls Himself and every name His people called Him holds clues to who He is, how He relates to His children, and the promises He has made – and kept.

Daily Reflections on the Names of God
offers you a wonderful opportunity to spend time each day getting to
know God more intimately by exploring 122 of His names and attributes.
Using three individual devotions for each name, you will discover
something new about who God is, who you are, and how you relate to

One year from now, will you be able to say that you know God better than you did before? Revitalize your devotional life with an intimate journey through the names of God.

So come, settle down with this book, and know God more fully. The next 366 days will pass quickly—make each one count!

About the Author:
Ava Pennington is a writer, Bible teacher, and speaker. Her newest book, Daily Reflections on the Names of God: A Devotional,
is endorsed by Kay Arthur, founder of Precept Ministries International.
She is a passionate speaker, engaging audiences with relevant, enjoyable presentations. For more information, visit www.AvaWrites.com


“Nana,” my 4-year-old granddaughter ran to me. I got on one knee and spread my arms wide to catch her dainty body. I lift her up, hug her tight, twirl her around and we both squeal with joy. That’s our usual greeting.

But not today. She snuggled in her daddy’s arms. Her voice faint and her forehead burning. I placed her on my bed. Her body limp and her thin arms dropped to the side like a rag-doll.

I spread a wet washcloth across her forehead and whispered in her ear. “Nana is here, I’ll take care of you.” But in contrast, my heart desperately cried out. “Lord, heal my precious baby girl. Her fever has been going on too long! Heal her now, Lord!”

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Maureen pic from booksigningHi! Maureen Pratt here with my monthly blog. Usually, I write in this space about the craft of writing. But today, I want to take a bit of time out to ask: Are you ready for the flurry of the holiday season? Or, more to the point, are you looking ahead to the next couple of months to make sure that writing commitments can be fulfilled in a quality way while the social and spiritual whirl of November and December move all about?

I find this time of year one of the most inspirational, but also one of the most difficult to keep working away steadily and with full attention. Yes, the music and festivities of these months are wonderfully moving. But they happen at just the time when I literally must not move for chunks of time…move, that is, from the chair in front of my workspace…Deadlines don't seem to disappear merely because we're celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.

So, each year at about this time, I try to look ahead. I scan my calendar for key dates, then work back and assess just how much time I need leading up to those benchmarks to comfortably complete my writing work while making progress on Christmas cards, menus plans, and all the other activities for this season. I do this with my "optional" works, too, those pieces not under deadline but no less important creatively.

Writing too quickly, or too distractedly, can erode style and depth of any piece, fiction or non-fiction. Being mindful of the unusually busy next couple of months also ensures that the quality of the work will be preserved. 

One other thought on the subject: Heaping holidays on top of pressing deadlines can lead to the exclamation, "How will I ever do it all?!?" If you need encouragement in that regard, you might find some inspiration in a recent radio interview I gave on Relevant Radio. There's a link to it on the homepage of my website – www.maureenpratt.com

Next month, I'll get back to talking about the "how" of writing. But I hope that this departure from the usual will help with planning for the rest of the year. And I hope that, with better time management, you'll have oodles of hours to enjoy all the beautiful things that this very special time of year brings!





Pieper1A warm greeting from sunny Florida, where fall means
cooler days, shorter nights, and (as my teenage daughters say), choosing the
flip-flops with the wider straps. Today, I have the privilege of sharing an
interview with fellow Florida author Crystal Bowman. I first met Crystal when
we taught together at the Florida Christian Writers Conference, and I’m
delighted to share her words of wisdom today.

How did you get into writing, Crystal?                                
Crystal hi-res-300

I started writing when I was 10
years old. I loved writing poems—some funny and some serious.

My first professional writing
opportunity (decades later) was an offer to write lyrics for children’s piano
music. That was in 1990. and I am still writing for the same composers.

How many books do you have published?

Around 75—mostly kids’ books,
but also three nonfiction books for women.

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