BobHostetlerBob Hostetler here, offering another prayer for writers:


I write today, Lord.
I will be using words, and some of them will be verbs.

Inspire them all, God, but especially the verbs.
Hover over them.
Speak them into existence.
Breathe into them the breath of life.

All my verbs come from you.
You are my “is.”
My “am.”
My “see,” my “know.”
You are my “laugh” and “cry,”
my “wake” and “sleep,”
“shiver” and “sweat,”
“think” and “speak,”
“jump” and “skip” and “dance” and “bounce.”

There is not an action in my day,
a movement of my bones,
a breath in my breast
or a word on my tongue
that does not come from you.

Let it be consciously so in my writing today.
And at the end of my day, with the final word on the page,
pronounce it good, in Jesus’ name, amen.

TRLPLBob’s latest book is The Red Letter Prayer Life, available now via Bob’s website or at fine Christian retailers everywhere. He is also the author of “31 Ways to Pray for Your Children,” an iPhone and iPad app available via iTunes.

Sherry Kyle
Sarah Sundin

Sarah Sundin

Greetings from Sarah Sundin! Today I have the joy of interviewing Sherry Kyle, a close friend of mine. Over a decade ago, Sherry and I met at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, when we were both newbie writers longing for publication. It’s been a joy to see dreams come true for this talented writer who has such a heart for women and tween girls.

Sherry Kyle

Sherry Kyle

Sherry, how many books do you have published? What are a few of your latest titles?

I have seven books published—three novels and four books for tween girls—as well as a couple of stories in compilations. My new titles for tween girls are The Girl’s Guide to Life (Feb. 2016, RoseKidz) and Love, Lexi: Letters to God (March 2016, Tyndale). Read More →

Janet Perez Eckles, Topics: Conquering Fear * Empowering Moms * Triumph *

Hola from Janet Perez Eckles…Igniting Your Passion to Overcome

Five books a year? Insanely impossible. To reach real success, it’s not the number of books sold, but the quantity of hope our books sing. The hope that revives the soul shines the spotlight on Jesus and brightens the horizon through the gloom of pain. Read More →