My article last month was titled Organization to go.
Wouldn’t it be nice if things were that simple? Organization could be handed to
us the same way we’re able to get our clothes from the dry cleaners, fast food
from McDonald’s, and prescriptions from Walgreens. But it’s not that simple. We
have to work for it. 

As mentioned in last month’s article, we all have the same
twenty-four hours in a day. Have you ever been amazed at how some people can
get so much done during the day? I’m a big fan of to do lists and prioritizing.
With the explosion of PDA’s and smartphones there are many ways to organize
your time, you could even call it organization-to-go, after all. Some hold the
opinion that it takes too much time to figure out these devices and instead,
they rely on the old tried and true method of pen and paper. As long as you
have the list, the format doesn’t matter. 

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