Candy Arrington
Sarah Sundin

Sarah Sundin

Greeting from Sarah Sundin in California! Today I have the privilege of interviewing Candy Arrington, whose nonfiction books have helped countless people through difficult times. Candy has plenty to share about how articles help promote her books and extend her ministry.

Candy, tell us about your books.

Candy Arrington

Candy Arrington

While my list of published books isn’t long, my first book, Aftershock: Help, Hope, and Healing in the Wake of Suicide (B & H Publishing Group), has been in print for eleven years, which is somewhat unusual for the current market. Read More →

Sundin #D70 ©2008 Linda Johnson Photography web (2) Greetings from Sarah Sundin on a warm September day in California. I’ve entered a new phase in my life as my husband and I moved our oldest son into the dorms for his freshman year of college. New phases make you consider the future – what if the future involves caring for your parents? Did you know 25 percent of Americans are caring for an aging parent?Candy Arrington

Today I have the honor of interviewing Candy Arrington, a speaker and prolific writer of magazine articles. Her most recent book is When Your Aging Parent Needs Care: Practical Help for this Season of Life from Harvest House. What an important topic! Her book covers: understanding your aging parent’s perspective on illness, aging, and giving up control; helping your parent with limited mobility, memory, and resources; effectively organizing forms, prescriptions, care, housing, and finances; and finding personal balance by nurturing their own health, faith, and family. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Read More →

Book Cover (1-13-09) Aging Parent 9780736925266_cft_l When Your Aging Parent Needs Care: Practical Help for this Season of Life

By Candy Arrington

  • ISBN-10: 0736925260
  • ISBN-13: 978-0736925266

In nearly a quarter of households in the US, someone is caring for an
aging parent. Yet few of us are trained caregivers, and our attempts
often seem inadequate. Authors Candy Arrington and Kim Atchley know
from personal experience what it’s like to provide care. With
compassion and guidance, they partner with readers to walk them through
the challenges of caregiving by providing the support and direction
necessary to be spiritually, physically, and emotionally prepared for
what they face day by day. From Harvest House.

Author bio: Candy Arrington has published hundreds of articles, stories, and devotionals in numerous periodicals including: Focus on the Family, Today’s Christian Woman, Marriage Partnership, Encounter, Pray, The Lookout, The Upper Room,, Advanced Christian Writer, The Writer, Writer’s Digest, and
the Chicken Soup and Cup of Comfort series. 

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