Dave&booksHi, Dave Fessenden here with some thoughts on writing for this Friday blog. Right now, I’m working on the sequel to my first novel (The Case of the Exploding Speakeasy), and having to remind myself of some of the things I’ve told others about writer’s block.

One thing I’ve learned about tackling a new project is this: don’t expect to succeed.

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GailGaymerMartinGreeting and almost Thanksgiving blessing to you from Gail Gaymer Martin at www.gailmartin@aol.com

Sometimes writers draw a blank. They face a new novel with an empty page, and their creative process has taken a vacation. I am always looking for creative ideas on writing to add to my blog Writing Fiction Right at www.writingright-martin.blogspot.com I want to tell you about two very creative writing prompts that can help to stimulate your creativity and perhaps get you out of the slump that sometimes happens to writers.

The two prompts that I thought were great are Creative Writing Prompts and Story Praxis. Both provide you with an opening setup or a two word phrase that can take your mind on a journey. Both are worth checking out.

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