Sundin #D70 ©2008 Linda Johnson Photography web (2)Greetings from Sarah Sundin in California! Today I have the privilege of interviewing best-selling, multi-published thriller writer Mike Dellosso, who also writes contemporary drama as Michael King.

CAN Mike DellossoMike, how did you get into writing?

I began writing in 1998 as a way of dealing with a family crisis. My brother-in-law was in a terrible motorcycle accident that nearly claimed his life. In fact, the doctors were sure he wasn’t going to make it. He was in a coma, clinging to life. I was so overwhelmed by grief and just about every emotion imaginable and I had no way to express it…so I turned to the written word. I fell in love with writing then and haven’t stopped since.

How many books do you have published?

To date I have six novels and one novella published, with novel seven releasing February 2013. Frantic is my latest full-length novel. Rearview, my novella, just released in May. And A Thousand Sleepless Nights, my first contemporary drama under my new pen name Michael King, releases October 2012.

CAN Dellosso bookHow did you get your first book contract?

I met an author, Kathryn Mackel, at a writers’ conference, had an appointment with her for a critique, and she loved my manuscript. We corresponded, and eventually she offered to introduce me to an agent friend of hers. He agreed to sign me, and about six months later I landed my first contract with Realms Fiction/Charisma House.


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