DSC_0458[1]Jeanette here, squeezing blogging between writing, Christmas shopping, practicing for the church choir’s Christmas concert, and crocheting scarves for friends and family. And you guessed it: I came up with a writing-related illustration while weaving my favorite crochet needle through some soft deep purple yarn.

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102 Wiggly Bible Rhymes and Rhythms

by Karen H Whiting and Mary Rose Pearson 

Abingdon Press

ISBN 13-978-1-4267-0849-7 

A treasure book of rhymes, rhythms, songs, and games for  preschool and young elementary children. Church leaders, teachers, and parents will find this resource easy to use to help get wiggles out of restless little ones. The book helps children use different learning styles to remember and reinforce Bible stories and their meanings. The book includes a wide array of styles and types of activities that include clapping songs, choral readings, finger plays, action rhymes,  and rhymes with games. Indexes list rhymes by Bible stories and topics. The book will provide hours of interactive fun to delight children.

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