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I'm at a conference in Indianapolis and all of my writing blogs are on my office computer so I decided to do something different for you this month. Though I'm a novelist, I have sold a number of short stories years ago when I first began to write so today, I want to share one of these stories with you. I think we can learn from short stories too.  The technique needed in a short story to set up characters and provide a conflict, but in a short time period.  Short stories are usually set in a day or even an hour, but the techniques are still there.  I hope you enjoy this story.

Smiling Eyes – A Short story
 by Gail Gaymer Martin

Erin yanked a file folder from the bin and flipped it open. She turned to her computer, her fingers flying over the keyboard, until the telephone’s ring jolted her to a halt.

She grabbed the receiver, tired of the continual interruptions and snapped. "Erin Casey." She heard a pause.

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