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In all my yeas of writing I've seen very little resentment, back-biting, or mistrust among my writing friends and acquaintances. However, knowing the human condition (we're very self-centered) I understand that all of these emotions, and more, are present in the writing world. And I know my own heart, which is not always pure.

Still, I’ve mostly seen encouragement between writers, and I’ve watched those with higher skill levels teach and coach others. When I took my first baby steps into this business, gracious mentors unreservedly offered guidance. And today when I put out an SOS for influencers the response is immediate and abundant.

What motivates this display of generosity and self-sacrifice? Family. We're family, and families stick together. And most of us realize we’re part of the same team, meaning we serve the same God. Therefore we do all we can to help one another succeed and we rejoice at others' successes. Although we tend to live within the confines of a small world, there is a much broader picture where our victories glorify our heavenly Father. These victories are not necessarily the one’s that first come to mind, but are more likely changes inside our own hearts or within the hearts of those who read our stories.

 Just as the Holy Spirit shines his light upon Christ we need to become less while we help others become more. It’s a joy to see achievements brighten the lives of our teammates and to know that we were privileged to be part of the process. Rejoicing with, praying for, and serving others brings blessings far more fulfilling than personal achievements.

 Search for ways to come alongside fellow writers and be of help. All of us work long hours, mostly alone and usually for modest financial compensation. Writers do not live a life of ease. Our perseverance is tested daily. We need each other.

 I couldn’t do what I do alone, especially on those days when writing feels more like I’m slogging through mud rather than creating a work of art. The prayers and words of encouragement from my friends help carry me through.  

 May all that we do be done to the glory of God.

Grace and peace to you,




8 Thoughts on “TEAM SPIRIT

  1. Well said. I wonder if secular writers have a similar bond to us Christian writers? Anyone with experience care to compare and contrast? I’m sure Christ makes all the difference.

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    I’m one of those newbie writers baby stepping my way into the vast world of writing and publishing. While I find myself on information overload, I also find myself suprisingly welcomed by veteran writers who generously share their wisdom and counsel.
    My first book is due out in a few months and your post echoes my experience as a new writer. I’m so thankful that those who have been there and done that are so willing to help those who don’t even have a clue!
    I recently told someone that I love to be an influencer for those who so obviously are trying to glorify God and impact others. It’s my small way of helping expand the Kingdom work God is doing through them.
    Great post!

  3. Good question, April. I’d love to know what the experience of writers in the ABA has been. Hope we hear from some.

  4. Hi Stephanie. How good to hear from you. And it’s wonderful to know you’ve had a good experience as a newbie. 🙂 I love the family of God!
    Can you tell us the name of your book? I’ll look for it when it releases.

  5. Hi Bonnie,
    It’s a ladies Bible study on Ecclesiastes through AMG Publishers. They’ve placed it in their “Following God” series and it’s entitled, “Ecclesiastes: Understanding What Matters Most”
    I never considered writing a book. I just thought the Lord was leading me to write something I would be speaking on. But when He prompted me to send it to a publisher, I think I was more surprised than anyone. They accepted it and it’s due out in a few months.
    He certainly does exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think!

  6. That’s so exciting, Stephanie. I love studying the Bible! In fact I teach Bible studies often and I oversee the womens’ ministries at my church so I’m always looking for good studies.
    I’ll drop by your website and have a closer look.
    Grace and peace to you,

  7. I ‘found’ this site through a post on one of the groups I belong to on ShoutLife. Like Bonnie I am into information overload.
    I am a Christian and write children’s books. They are from the perspective of rescue dogs. My first book [my son is the cartoon illustrator; book is aimed at the 7-12 year old crowd] called MANDY THE ALPHA DOG was released in June of 2009. I am in the midst of promoting the book on the net and have written several episodes which go with this series The Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street. The episodes are featured as free reads on BookRix.
    Mandy The Alpha Dog covers fears, mistreatment, overeating, obesity, biting, forgiveness, and overcoming. While serious subjects it is done in a humorous fashion and has made a hit with the aimed at group. The next story to come out in print is called The Midnight Caper and deals with thievery, gluttony, and consequences.
    The three books on BookRix are Digging Bones which won third place in Battle of Words V – Financial Crisis, There’s Something Strange… which deals with Lewy Body Dementia akin to Alzheimer’s and Chen An Yo Pale! which is Haitian Creole for The Dogs Speak which was written for the Haiti Fund Raising Contest.
    All of the books reflect serious subjects in a humorous fashion. 10% of proceeds from printed sold books goes to animal rescue. The characters are loosely based on our four rescue dogs.
    I am always happy to see another group that espouses Christian values.

  8. Paula, it sounds like you’ve been very busy. Congratulations on your success.

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