About Jeanette Hanscome

Jeanette Hanscome is the author of four books and over 400 articles, devotionals, and stories for both teens and adults. Her recent work includes a story for Guideposts magazine, a chapter in Rescue Dogs, Firefighting Heroes and Science Facts, and the short story Gifts, Volume 12 in the 12 Days of Christmas series. Her newest book, Running with Roselle, was co-written with blind 9/11 survivor and New York Times Bestselling author Michael Hingson. When she isn’t writing, Jeanette offers services as a freelance content editor and writing coach, and enjoys teaching writers. Jeanette lives in the Bay Area and feels blessed to be the mom of two amazing sons.

One Thought on “When You Feel like You Have Nothing to Say

  1. Encouraging article! I’m in that place of brain freeze but mine is circumstance related, trying to sell our farm and buy a new home. Along with 100 other things, my brain has refused to put words together in amongst the overload. Glad to know I’m not the only one…

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